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Clara Hacardiaux


Hello the All That Dance community,


My name is Clara Hacardiaux and I will be 13 years old in November.

I love nature and animals, reading, drawing and spending time with my family or friends. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

I do some photo shoots as a photo model and sometimes also as an extra for TV or cinema. I played a scene with Leila Bakhti and it was incredible.


I have been dancing as an amateur since I was 4 years old: classical, jazz, hip hop and even zumba.

I am currently taking classes at the Ballet School of Belgium and participating in competitions. I have won many prizes at the VKIBC, YAGP, Skopje, ... competitions.

Since September 2022, I have been following pre-professional training in dance study at the Ballet School of Belgium under the direction of Ms. Marie Laurence Lionnard who is our main teacher.

I also have the privilege of learning there with solo dancers from major companies, former star dancers, choreographers, school or company directors and great ballet masters. I am very lucky and am working hard to build my future professional career.

I took part in a few competitions in 2023 including the Skopje International Competition and the CND where I finished with a first prize with congratulations from the jury.

This year I am aiming for bigger competitions such as YAGP Barcelona and VKIBC New York.

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