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Updated: Mar 15

Giselle is a two-act romantic ballet created by French choreographer Jean Coralli and Italian dancer Jules Perrot. The music was composed by Adolphe Adam. The first performance of "Giselle" took place on June 28, 1841 at the Paris Opera.

The story of "Giselle" takes place in a Rhineland village in the 15th century and tells the tragic story of a young peasant girl of the same name. Giselle is an innocent and fragile young girl, in love with Albrecht, a nobleman disguised as a peasant. However, Giselle is unaware that Albrecht is already engaged to a noble lady, Bathilde. When the truth is revealed to Giselle, she goes mad with grief and dies of despair.

In the second act, the action moves into a supernatural realm of the Willis, spirits of maidens who have been betrayed by their lovers and are doomed to dance tirelessly until dawn. Giselle in turn becomes a Willis and joins the danse macabre of the other Willis. The Willis, led by their queen Myrtha, attempt revenge on the men by making them dance to death.

When Albrecht goes to Giselle's grave to pay his respects, he is confronted by the Willis who seek to kill him. However, Giselle, still in love with Albrecht, protects him from their grip. Her pure love breaks the Willis' curse and sends them back to their eternal slumber.

"Giselle" is a ballet that combines elements of the supernatural with romantic and tragic themes. It highlights the talents of the dancers, especially in the role of Giselle which demands both impeccable technique and great emotional expressiveness.

Since its creation, "Giselle" has become one of the most famous and beloved ballets in the classical repertoire. It has been performed by many ballet companies around the world and has been revisited and adapted by many choreographers over the years. Giselle's moving story continues to captivate viewers and touch their hearts.

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