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Clara Hacardiaux, Ambassador 2023


Discover our All That Dance 2023 ambassador, Clara Hacardiaux

“Hello the All That Dance community,


My name is Clara Hacardiaux and I will be 12 in November.

I like nature and animals, reading, drawing and spending time with my family or my friends. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

I do a few shoots as a photo model and also sometimes extras for TV or cinema. I played a scene with Leila Bakhti and it was amazing.


I have been dancing as an amateur since I was 4 years old: classical, jazz, hip hop and even zumba.

I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 2 and a half years and participate in competitions. I have also been champion and vice-champion of Hainaut and vice-champion of Wallonia for the past 2 years.