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3 Ways Jealousy Ruins Your Progress In Ballet Class

All of us at some point has envied one of our classmates. Maybe they had perfect feet. Maybe they had amazing extension, or the teacher seemed to pay more attention to them than anyone else. It can be discouraging if you dwell on the negative side of admiration: jealousy. And if you’re not careful, you could end up sabotaging your progress. Here are three ways jealousy can take an ugly turn:

1. You gossip.

Are you a hater? Do you look for ways to bring the other dancer down? If so, you’re racking up some serious karma, and it makes you look bad. Plus, you’re expending too much of your energy on them when you should be focusing on yourself. Instead of spreading harmful gossip, why not promote a supportive learning environment and say something complimentary about them? Or, ignore them. But if you go out of your way to talk trash, not only does it make you a jerk, they deserve to be better than you.

2. You blame.

“Ms. Talented gets all the attention from the teacher!” Get over it. Maybe she is very talented, and the teacher is trying to cultivate her to be a better artist. This doesn’t mean you hold no value. It is unrealistic, however, to expect constant personalized attention and corrections. Once the teacher has explained a concept or movement, do your part to apply yourself. If you’re still stumped on how to do something, ask for a little more help. But don’t blame others for their skill. They worked hard to get where they’re at.

3. You give up.

If you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, or you’re constantly making disparaging remarks about yourself, you need to work on your self-esteem (not to mention, fishing for sympathy and compliments gets really, really old). When you work on the inside, it projects to the outside. Remember, we all have strengths. Maybe another dancer has perfect feet. But you have perfect turnout! Focus on your positive attributes and have a healthy sense of competition with yourself. That’s right – you’re not competing against anyone else in class. Instead, you should set goals and try to surpass your own expectations.

Be conscious of your attitude. Instead of harboring resentment, create a positive learning environment. You will become a better dancer, and be a support to your peers.

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