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Pointe shoes captivate both dancers and non-dancers with their intriguing design. Regrettably, not everyone is familiar with the correct way to wear and care for them. Whether you're a novice pointe student or simply young at heart, relishing the idea of dressing up, here are three important "pointe no-no's" from an insider.

Pointe No-No #1: Avoid Excessive Ribbon Bows

While those enormous bows your mother once tied in your hair might have been adorable during your childhood, they have no place adorning your pointe shoes as an adult or at any age. In ballet, students are trained from a young age to discreetly secure their elastic ribbons, ensuring they remain inconspicuous. Pointe shoe ribbons, although visually appealing, are intended to be tied in a specific, calculated manner. Properly tied ribbons serve a functional purpose by preventing dancers from tripping and presenting a polished, dignified appearance. While big bows may be fashionable on the runway, they are inappropriate for the ballet class.

Pointe No-No #2: Say No to Non-Pink Tights

Unless you're auditioning for a role in an Olivia Newton John music video that celebrates 80s fashion, steer clear of flashy tights. While vibrant colors and striking hues may be fashionable with a pair of boots, they have no place in a ballet class, especially when paired with pointe shoes. Ballet tights are available in various shades of pink, carefully chosen to complement and enhance a dancer's natural skin tone. Some tights have a soft, powdery hue, while others possess a touch of blush. Black footless tights are acceptable as they help create a seamless, natural aesthetic. Conversely, combining black-footed tights with pink pointe shoes creates a stark and jarring effect that should be avoided.

Pointe No-No #3: Keep Them Indoors

We've all been tempted to dance outdoors in our pointe shoes, but it's not a wise idea. Dance studio floors are challenging enough to keep clean, and dancing on pavement can be detrimental to your $80 pointe shoes. Concrete surfaces can damage the satin on the shoe tips, and everything from grass to oil spots can severely discolor the shoe wings. If you want to impress your aspiring photographer friend by showcasing your pointe skills, consider using an older pair of shoes or conducting the photoshoot indoors. Pointe shoes have a limited lifespan, so it's essential to prevent their premature wear and tear by resisting the urge to frolic in your brand-new pair in the backyard.

Pointe shoes have been featured in numerous photoshoots and craft projects and are a rite of passage for young aspiring dancers. As long as they are used appropriately in class, pointe shoes will continue to be celebrated as a symbol of creativity and masterful craftsmanship.

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