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Updated: Mar 15

The ballet "Les Sylphides" is a one-act white ballet that was first performed in 1909 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was choreographed by Michel Fokine, with music composed by Frédéric Chopin.

Les Sylphides

"Les Sylphides" is considered one of the first abstract ballets in history, emphasizing dance and aesthetics rather than narrative plot. The ballet takes place in a romantic nocturnal landscape, where a solitary poet finds himself surrounded by sylphides, female aerial spirits.

The ballet begins with the appearance of the sylphs in the forest. They dance gracefully around the poet who has sat down to write. The sylphs try to seduce the poet, but he cannot touch or catch them because they are supernatural creatures. The ballet continues with a series of solo dances and pas de deux between the poet and the sylphides.

Fokine's choreography for "Les Sylphides" is characterized by its lightness, fluidity and lyricism. The movements of the dancers evoke the elegance and grace of the sylphs. Dancers' costumes are usually white tutus for women and tights and t-shirts for men, to emphasize the purity and aesthetics of the dance.

Although "Les Sylphides" does not have a linear story, the ballet captures the romantic and dreamlike atmosphere of the 19th century art movement. It highlights the beauty of the dance itself and leaves room for the viewer's individual interpretation.

Since its inception, "Les Sylphides" has become a popular classical ballet and is often performed by many ballet companies around the world. His timeless choreography and music continue to enchant audiences and captivate ballet lovers.

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