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All That Dance 2023 Ambassador 2023

Discover our All That Dance 2023 ambassador, Clara Hacardiaux “Hello the All That Dance community, My name is Clara Hacardiaux and I will be 12 in November. I like nature and animals, reading, drawing and spending time with my family or my friends. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I do a few shoots as a photo model and also sometimes extras for TV or cinema. I played a scene with Leila Bakhti and it was amazing. I have been dancing as an amateur since I was 4 years old: classical, jazz, hip hop and even zumba. I have been doing rhythmic gymnastics for 2 and a half years and participate in competitions. I have also been champion and vice-champion of Hainaut and vice-champion of Wallonia for the past 2 years.

Since September, I have been taking pre-professional training in dance-study at the Ballet School of Belgium under the direction of Miss Marie Laurence Lionnard who is our main teacher. I also have the privilege of being teached by solo dancers from major companies, former star dancers, choreographers, school or company directors and great ballet masters. I am really very lucky and work a lot to build my future professional career.

I participated at a few competitions this year including the International Competition in Skopje and the CND where I finished with a first prize with congratulations from the jury. Next year, I'm aiming for bigger competitions such as YAGP in Barcelona and VKIBC in New York. And today, I'm lucky to have been chosen to represent the All That Dance store. It's amazing! There, you know everything, or almost. See you soon on the social networks." Clara "

To follow Clara on social networks, subscribe to her account on Instagram

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