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Updated: May 16

I am delighted to introduce our two new ambassadors, Élodie and Loane, who join our talented Clara to represent the passion and elegance of our dance store.

Élodie , with her charisma and natural grace, embodies the very essence of the art of dance. Since a young age, she has amazed audiences with her impeccable technique and captivating stage presence.

We are honored to have her on board to share her expertise and passion with our community.

Loane brings vibrant and boundless energy to our team of ambassadors.

Her passion for dance is reflected in every graceful movement she performs, and her infectious enthusiasm inspires those around her to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

With Loane by our side, we look forward to exploring new horizons.

Joining our long-time ambassador, Clara , Élodie and Loane bring a new dynamic and a wealth of experience to our growing family.

Their dedication to the art of dance and their commitment to our community make them inspiring role models for dancers around the world.

I am thrilled to welcome them to our family of dance enthusiasts and can't wait to see the wonders they will bring to our store and our community.

Welcome aboard, Élodie and Loane!

To find out more about our ambassadors, click here!

✨ Together, let's dance to new heights ✨

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