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Updated: May 7

Spring has arrived, and with it, the desire to celebrate joy, lightness and bodily expression. To mark this season of renewal, we are delighted to announce our long-awaited event: “Danses en Fête”!

From April 19 to 29 , our store opens its doors for a celebration of dance in all its forms, and we look forward to welcoming you there.

An exceptional 10% discount

Because we want to make this experience even more special, we are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all our articles* during “Danses en Fête”.

Whether you need a new pair of slippers, a leotard, or accessories to complete your outfit, now is the perfect time to shop and save!

Join us to celebrate the magic of dance!

“Danses en Fête” is much more than just an event: it is a celebration of passion, creativity and community.

Whether you are an amateur or professional dancer, young or old, we invite you to visit us in store or on our e-Shop with the code DANCE2024

*except on promotional items, bars, mats and dance mirrors

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