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All That Dance, your favorite dance store, is about to start the search for its new ambassador for the year 2024.

This quest promises to be a celebration of the grace, creativity and passion that characterize the world of dance. All That Dance is committed to discovering and supporting emerging stars who will embody the spirit of dance in all its diversity.

All That Dance, known for being more than just a boutique but rather a place where the dance community finds home, has a rich history in supporting and promoting the dance arts.

For years, the boutique has been the meeting place for dance enthusiasts, offering the best equipment, clothing and accessories. Through the search for the new ambassador, All That Dance seeks to strengthen its commitment to the dance community by highlighting emerging talents.

Selection criteria

The search for the new ambassador will focus on various criteria, going beyond technical skills. All That Dance is looking for individuals who embody passion for dance, artistic creativity, and who are willing to be a source of inspiration for others.

To participate in the selection, you must:

1. Complete the 2024 Ambassador registration form

2. Share photos and videos on  Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok

3. Tag @allthatdancebe @atdambassador @allthatdance2024

Additional information :

The dancer must have their profile public when applying and throughout 2024

The dancer can only choose and tag the All That Dance store

Registrations until March 1, 2024

The benefits of being an All That Dance Ambassador

The new All That Dance ambassador will have the opportunity to represent the brand in various events, participate in exclusive collaborations, and receive special benefits, including dance clothing and accessories from the latest collections.

She will also be highlighted across All That Dance's social media platforms, sharing her inspiring journey with the global dance community.

The search for the new All That Dance ambassador will highlight exceptional talents who are beautifying the world of dance.

By supporting and celebrating the diversity of dance, All That Dance continues to play a central role in the empowerment of dancers around the world. Stay tuned to find out who the new All That Dance stars will be in 2024!

Good luck to everyone !

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