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How ballerinas stand on pointe shoes?

The most complex and beautiful form of classical dance is the pointe dance. Ballerinas have been practicing on their fingers since the first years of training under the strict guidance of a teacher, because at the initial stages it can be traumatic. How does a ballerina stand on pointe shoes? Let's figure it out in order. Why is it dangerous to stand on your fingers without preparation?

The human foot has 28 bones that are held together by ligaments. Bones do not provide support for the foot in all positions without control. Therefore, the student needs to train the tendons and ligaments in such a way as to keep the foot in a safe state, not to allow it to fall into those positions that inevitably lead to injury. This comes only with experience, when the student begins to feel every muscle.

So, to dance on pointe shoes, you need:

  • Preparation of the muscular frame, perfect stability on the half-fingers - Fixed body as if above the legs, preserved the square of the hips and shoulders

  • The iliac bones should be turned up (so that there is no deflection in the lower back)

  • Maximally tightened thigh muscles (feel that the muscles have gathered up), tightened large gluteal muscles

  • Maximally stretched knees (the pledge of dancing on pointe shoes; if you stretch your knees, then everything else will tighten up)

The area on which the whole body is supported is very small, ballerinas must constantly train, prepare their body so that aplomb (stability on the fingers) appears.

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