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7 Excuses Your Dance Teacher Is Tired Of Hearing

Dance teachers have to deal with a lot. While open communication with your teacher is obviously key, lame excuses for less-than-great behavior are guaranteed to get on her nerves. Always avoid these seven excuses that will 100 percent get your dance teacher’s blood boiling.

1- “That makes me look silly.” It’s okay to look less-than-perfect when trying a new combination! TBH, your dance teacher expects you to look bad sometimes. It’s the only way to learn.

2- “I’m so tired.” Seriously, don’t even try this one. Find that inner strength and energy to power through!

3- “I can’t come to class today. I made other plans.” If you’re serious about your dance training and not seriously ill, you’d better be in class.

4- “Sorry, I just didn’t get a chance to sew my pointe shoes/buy the class uniform/put my hair in a proper bun.” Come prepared for class, or don’t come.

5- “This is too hard.” News flash: Dance IS hard. Please don’t say this to your teacher. HER JOB IS TO CHALLENGE YOU.

6- “Sorry I’m late!” In the pro dance world, being late can mean losing your job. Always get to the studio on time.

7- “There’s a football game tonight, so I need to skip rehearsal.” Look, it’s good to lead a well-rounded life, but football over dance? What kind of world are we living in?!

Source : Dance Magazine

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