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20 compliments for dancers to celebrate National Compliment Day

Let’s face it: Dance is difficult, and March 5th is National Compliment Day, a perfect day to spread a little extra positivity in the studio by showering your fellow dancers with extra words of praise.

I have compiled some compliments to help you share the good vibes:

  • Your épaulement is so gorgeous.

  • I love watching your dynamics as you go across the floor.

  • Your smile lights up the studio.

  • Your energy is so infectious—it makes everyone else want to go full-out too!

  • I’m glad that I get to take class with you every week.

  • If I ever forget a step, you’re the one I look for in the mirror.

  • You catch the little details in the choreo and make them stand out.

  • Your dancing is so beautiful, even if you don’t always feel like it is.

  • I love how your personality shines through in your movement!

  • You are so focused during class—it’s really inspiring.

  • You are a great teammate, and I love dancing with you because I know I can trust you.

  • I’m glad that you ask questions and clarify the choreo. It helps everyone.

  • I admire how you aren’t afraid to push yourself and make mistakes.

  • Your lines always look miles long.

  • You take the choreo in such unique directions—it makes everyone want to watch you.

  • I notice that you’re the first to help someone who needs it, and I appreciate that.

  • It always makes me smile when I hear you cheering from the audience or the wings!

  • Watching you inspires me to work hard and improve.

  • Your emotions come through in all of your movements.

  • I can see how much you love to dance when I watch you.

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